How much does a sleeve cost?

This is a very vague question. The cost of a sleeve will depend on the design. How intricate and detailed is the design? How saturated is it? What style of work do you have in mind? A sleeve can be a pretty long term project. Some take a few months to finish, others take several years! Don't rush into it. It is essentially like picking a new limb! Quality over Quantity!  


Do i have to prepare for my tattoo?

Avoid drinking alcohol the day before your tattoo. Alcohol thins the blood, making your artists job a lot more difficult. Not to mention your tattoo won't heal as well as it should.

Always be sure to EAT before your tattoo. Getting a tattoo can take a toll on your body, causing your blood sugar to drop. If your blood sugar is too low, it can result in feeling light headed, nauseous and in worst cases, fainting. Inform your artist if you start to feel any of those symptoms! They will know how best to control the situation. Don't be ashamed. They will be sympathetic and help you through this experience.

Try to avoid shaving before your appointment. Your hair can grow about half a millimetre a day! So its best to leave the shaving to your artist!

Avoid wearing white and dress appropriately! Your artist will be careful not to get ink on your clothing, however, accidents can happen, and tattoo ink can be a pain to wash off! If you're unsure of what to wear, just ask your artist.

What if i'm ill?

It is worth knowing that if you are not feeling 100%, it can affect your body's healing process. If your body is already trying to fight of a nasty virus or bacteria, it will struggle to produce the necessary amount of white blood cells needed to heal your tattoo as well. If however, you still choose to get your tattoo done, please inform your artist and wear the appropriate PPE to avoid spreading it to other people in the studio.

Do i have to research?

YES! Research is very important! Not many people know, but almost anyone can buy a tattoo licence! They don't have to be experienced! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Do your research. Each artist will have their own style, their own touch to your design. It is important that you find the right one for you. Instagram is one of the best platforms to research a tattoo artist. Even if the artist has been recommended to you, research their work. DO NOT choose an artist based on PRICE!

Do i have to bring anything?

Your ID! Your artist can refuse to tattoo you if you look underage and do not have ID! 

Getting a tattoo done can be extremely boring!! So feel free to bring some headphones or even a book! Heck... bring your laptop or tablet if you'd like! We encourage it!

Bring a snack or lunch with you if you'd like! If you're in for a long day, its best to keep your blood sugar up!

What is included in the price?

Before you're under the needle, your tattoo has to be designed. This takes time and research to perfect. Some may take an hour, others a whole day. Once your design has been created, it will need to be stencilled out ready to transfer to your skin. Whilst your artist begins setting up their station, you will then need to fill out a consent form. After, your skin will need to be prepped, and the design placed correctly and appropriately. After your tattoo has been complete, it will then be cleaned and wrapped. Your artist will then explain the correct aftercare procedure. 

Can i catch anything from getting a tattoo?

Yes, but that is extremely rare. A good studio will have everything sterilised to a medical standard and be certified in infection control. Your artist will know the correct procedure to avoid any cross contamination. If these procedures are not met, then only blood born pathogens such as HIV and Hepatitis can be transmitted. Again. This is VERY RARE!

If you mean ''Can my tattoo get infected from a tattoo?'' The answer is no. All of the equipment and supplies used have been sterilised. If your tattoo gets infected, it will be due to the aftercare. These types of infections are born from bacteria and will only infect you if you do not keep your tattoo clean. It is an open wound. 

Does it Hurt?

Everyone has different pain thresholds. It also depends on the area you have your tattoo. Some have described the pain to be like a hot cat scratch, whilst others say its like a pin prick.  But if tattoos really hurt that much, no one would have it done, let alone be back for more! You soon forget about the pain after you look in the mirror and see yourself wearing your tattoo. That definitely outweighs the pain.

If you worry you won't be able to handle the pain, speak to your artist about it. They can then advise you on how best to deal with the pain. After all, you don't want to stop half-way and have an unfinished tattoo!

Have anymore questions?

Don't be afraid to send us an enquiry! We are happy to answer whatever questions you may have. There are no silly questions! You can reach us on the contact us page.